"Finding the time and energy to train is challenging and I don’t want to be limited by a body still recovering from the last workout. Recovox ensures that when I do get to train, I train right and effectively."

-Chris Hauth





"Recovox is a key addition to my success at being able to do back-to-back Ironmans. I have found that recovery is the true secret to having a successful race. Along with a great coach, and being smart with my recovery, I was able to have a great 2007 season. For anyone who wants to gain the edge with recovery I could not endorse a better product than Recovox."

-Rebecca Preston
2007 Ironman World Championship 5th Overall
2007 Ironman Switzerland Champion
2007 Antwerp 70.3 Champion
2006 Ironman Switzerland Champion
2006 Ironman Austria Champion
2005 Ironman UK Champion


"Balancing a day job with caring for my three young children can be challenging, as all parents know. Add the training for my second go at Ironman Kona to the equation and managing the fatigue and stress on my body becomes as important as the training itself. Recovox helps me to recover quickly between workouts, so I can train at 100% and get the most out of my limited training time."

Rachel Ross
Strongman Japan 2007 Champion Overall
Honu Ford 70.3 2007 Champion - 30-34 age group
2007 AG National Champion - 30-34 age group
Ironman Hawaii World Champion 2006 - 30-34 age group


"I have been racing triathlons for 24 consecutive years, first as a pro, and ever since I founded De Soto Sport and T1 Wetsuits, as an age grouper. After weekends of training or racing, my workweek consists of 40 hours in an office with workouts happening before the sun rises and after the sun sets.

There is no miracle pill out there, but I use RECOVOX, because I believe in the science behind the ingredients. I no longer endorse products for money, but if I use something, and I get the results I am after, then I say so.

Recovox works. It is an integral part of my life that allows me to race well, work smart, and play hard!"

- Emilio De Soto II


"I am excited about the IMNA team and racing pro--it will definitely present some new challenges. Thanks for your support and all the product last year. I'm terrible about remembering to take supplements/vitamins/medicines, but I've been using it more consistently as of late, and the Recovox definitely seems to be helping speed recovery."

- Katya Meyers
IMNA Team and first year Pro


"I have used a lot of nutritional recovery products, but Recovox is one of the best. I am training at my highest levels since I started participating in triathlons 5 years ago. I started using Recovox this year and I recover much faster. I think majority of the reason to train at this high level, is due to the use of Recovox."

- Kevin Herbert
40-44 AG
2005 Ironman Hawaii Qualifier


"I will add to your list of success stories, 2nd place age group (50-54), Kona qualifier at Ironman CDA (10:26). I have put in an incredible training volume 250-300 miles/week bike, 55-65/week run for over 6 months and had excellent recovery through out. I did 2 sprint races on days following 100 mile bike x 18 mile run bricks, and won my age group by a wide margin with top 10 overall in both. Most people say that older athletes have to reduce training volume to recover, I have increased my training by almost 2x and had better recovery than in any of my past 10 seasons."

- Brian Smallwood
50-54 AG
2005 Ironman Hawaii Qualifier


"I have been racing bicycles for 10 years now. Racing Mountain, Cyclocross, and Road is very demanding on my body. I definitely have realized that rest and recovery is one of the most important parts of training. Once I found Recovox I have noticed that my muscles recover faster than before and I have a lot less "sore legs" days. Recovox is also beneficial to my stress levels I have a 4 year old son who keeps me on my toes all day and between work, training, racing and being a mom I feel a lot more relaxed and ready to attack each and everyday."

- Kristi Berg
Elite Mountain Bike, Cyclocross and Road Racer


" Over the last two seasons racing triathlons professionally, I have quickly come to the conclusion that the most important aspect of effective training (and therefore top-level racing) is the ability to recover from my workouts.  This knowledge prompted me to seek out the help of those at Master Formula and Recovox.  Since I have been taking their product, I have noticed a drastic difference in how much better I feel in the days after my more challenging training sessions.  My ability and desire to handle a larger workload tell me that I have clearly gained an advantage on those of my competitors that are not using these top-notch products! "

- Amanda Gillam
Professional Triathlete
2002 World Duathlon Champion
2002 Triathlete Magazine Duathlete of the Year
2002 Overall Champion World Triathlon Championship Qualifier


"In stage racing, recovery is THE KEY to success. Recovox increases my recovery by at least 20 percent. It is a brilliant product. Try it and you will see!"

- Dotsie Bausch
Pro Cyclist - Team Colavita


"It's tough to juggle training and racing on top of work and graduate school. I'm always stressed about getting my workouts in and Recovox has definitely helped control the stress in my life. I also have noticed a difference in my sleep patterns and I know it's the Recovox that is helping me."

- Paige Dunn
Age group Ironman triathlete.


"In Jan of 2004, my training was not going well and I was discouraged about my chances of earning enough points at ITU triathlon races to qualify for the Olympic Trials. Physically, I felt terrible. I had little energy, and it showed in my workouts. Fortunately, I was introduced to Primal Nutrition’s products. Within a few weeks, my workouts started to improve and I felt much better. Taking Primal Nutrition’s products seemed to correct whatever was lacking in my diet that was causing the physical symptoms I'd been having. My races went well in the spring and I qualified for the Olympic Trials. At the trials, I had my best race of the season, placing as 5th American and earning a place on the US World Triathlon Team. In Jan. I would never have believed that would be possible.

I continue to take Primal Nutrition’s products and recommend it highly to anyone, but especially to athletes who stress their bodies daily with hard training."

- Kelly Cook
ITU Elite Triathlete
Team USA 2004
Olympic Trials qualifier 2004


"Recovox rocks!!! I'm back on "two a day" quality workouts and feeling fresher than I have for many seasons!!! I've been a competitve athlete for over 25 years and had always looked forward to training in the moderate to high intensity range. Over the last year though I noticed I was losing my motivation to turn on the intensity due simply to feeling flat each week after only a couple workouts. Surprisingly, after only my first week using Recovox I regained that will to go hard again! Its so great to have my mind and body fresh and craving those double workouts!! I even seem to be handing my workday stress better!!"

- Terry Martin
25 years in Multi-sports
Elite Masters competitor


"In today’s market of so many nutritional and recovery products, it is difficult to find the products with sound scientific backing.  Having a Masters in Exercise Physiology, I hold a skeptical viewpoint on many products.  But since using Recovox, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my recovery between workouts.  I come through hard training periods stronger than ever."

- Matt Dixon
Pro Triathlete
2004 Vineman 1/2 Ironman Champion


"Recovox has made a HUGE difference in my training and recovery. I've noticed that, since taking Recovox, my recovery is quicker and I have less muscle soreness. My energy levels are consistent, no dramatic ups or downs, and I feel strong and healthy even on my toughest training days.

Thanks again for your support! I'm so glad that I have this supplement to help me achieve my goals!!"

- Clancy Emry


"Companies in the past have approached me with their scientific formula to prove their products. I tell them "I just care if it is safe to use and works." When Tom came to me with RECOVOX, it was the first product that using was truly believing. After the long ride, or brick workout, or even a hockey game till 1:00am, using Recovox makes you physically and mentally ready for the next days workout with out the burn out. Using Recovox for a six week training period gave me a 3:00 hour PR @ Rock & Roll Marathon and has increased my bike splits at all distances by one MPH average. The older I get the more important the recovery to my training is. Great product- Great company"

- Ron Anderson
Triathlete 40-44 grouper
Marathon Runner
Hockey Player


"After having spent the last couple of years getting sick and overstrained during heavy training I recently tried Recovox and immediately noticed a big improvement. Recovox allows me to train harder with better recovery and increased performance as a result."

- Bjorn Andersonn
3rd Overall 2003 Ironman New Zealand


"To me, the research and the science behind it makes sense, I can say that I have been using Recovox on and off for the last six months. I noticed the biggest difference when I was in the thick of Ironman training - at the time I felt like I was recovering and backing up for long and hard sessions much more easily, that I was more relaxed. I often get hyped up after big sessions and at the time it helped me to relax and sleep well too."

- Grace McClure
Top AG Ironman Triathlete


"Being a pro-triathlete is a real treat, being able to work on my athletic skills all day! But as hard as I work I'm also diligent about giving my body the same amount of quality recovery. Recovox is an integral part of that recovery since it's a first-class product and it gives me the most bang for the buck! Vital not only for my performance but also for overall health and longevity. I want to keep kicking ass when I'm 50!"

- Jonas Colting
UltraMan World Champion


"I have used Recovox and love the product. I find this product works better than any other product I have tried. I have been involved in the supplement industry for over 15 years. I am very familiar with products used for recovery. There is not another product that is similar to Recovox that I am aware of. There is also not another recovery product that works as well. This product has enabled me to have a very intense training day and not feel run down the following day. It also helps me maintain critical muscle that can be lost from high cortisol levels and intense training. I currently am a personal trainer in Atlanta. I train people who could benefit from this product and recommend it on a regular basis. I have recommended it to a lot of my fellow triathletes as well."

- Cyndee Platko


"I have been using Recovox for a while now. As my training miles increased in preparation for Ironman Arizona, I knew that Recovox would help me recover from a tough workout and have my legs fresh for the next days workout. I would wake up from a 80 mile ride on Saturday and be ready to go for a long brick on Sunday.

Anytime you can use a product that professional triathletes use, you know it is a great product!

Thanks Recovox!!!"

- Vince Rosetta


"As a 20 year veteran in the sport of triathlon, 11 time Ironman finisher and a 44 year old that still wants to be competitive, I know the importance of quality training and quality recovery. As an Exercise Physiologist, I am able to effectively apply the science and physiology of exercise to my training.

In order to maintain high quality workouts, I plan my recovery as seriously as I plan my training. Recovox is an integral part of my recovery and helps my stressed body compensate, recover and prepare for my next training session. In fact, I will be returning to Kona next week for Ironman after a 6 year hiatus. I have been using Recovox for over a year and recommend Recovox to anyone serious about their training."

- Scott Murr Ed.D.


"Being a pro cyclist is not an easy task when you also work 40 hrs per week and have a family. Recovery is everything when it comes to training and racing. I have been using Recovox for three years and can honestly say there is nothing out there that compares to this wonderful product. Thanks for keeping me going late in my career. I owe much of my success to your company and your fine product."

- Pat Caro
 Pro Cyclist
 Team Monex


"Recovox has beeen part of my nutritional regimen for some time, but stepping up to 100 mile trail races means 100 - 120 mile training weeks and a significant increase in stress, both physical and mental, on my body. I find Recovox helps me recover very quickly and even my masseuse notices the difference in my muscle response when I am taking the product. Recovox is a non-negotiable part of my training program. "

- Chris Stephenson
Ultra Marathon Runner


"I've been running ultra marathons since 1975, and triathlons since 1986. It still feels great to race, but I find with advancing age, I simply can't tolerate the training I need to race well. My biggest problem has been sleeping after hard workouts, waking every few hours, night sweats, the whole miserable panoply. With Recovox, I'm sleeping through the night, and getting up ready for another day of chasing kids around (they're faster than me, so I need all the help I can get), working for a living, and squeezing in the occasional workout. Also, my legs used to ache all the time: now, they feel fine, as good as when I was a frisky 40-year-old. I'm very happy with the results from Recovox. "

- Doug Kretzmann